Dear Cass, I Love You


Cast of Characters
Introduction -- The Four Star German American Family
Chapter 1 -- Short History of Germany & the Hildenbrand Family Early Years
Chapter 2 -- Letters To Cass & Dutch -- Pre-Draft & Marraige
Chapter 3 -- Letters To Cass & Dutch -- June 1943 -- Basic Training
Chapter 4 -- Letters To Cass & Dutch -- July 1943
Chapter 5 -- Letters To Cass & Dutch -- August 1943
Chapter 6 -- Letters To Cass & Dutch -- September 1943
Chapter 7 -- Letter To Cass & Dutch -- October 1943
Chapter 8 -- Letters To Cass & Dutch -- November 1943 -- From U.S. to North Africa
Chapter 9 -- Letters To Cass & Dutch -- December 1943
Chapter 10 -- Letters to Cass & Dutch -- January 1944
Chapter 11 -- Letters to Cass & Dutch -- February & March 1944
Chapter 12 -- Prisoner of War Letters & Postcards -- April 1944 to January 1945
Battle of Casino
Going Home
Prisoner of War Book -- Part I
Prisoner of War Book -- Part II
Letters to Dutch & Cass From Friends/Family
Rudy's Room -- Rudy Hildenbrand -- U.S. Army Air Corps
Eric's Room -- Eric Hildenbrand -- Marines
Herbie's Room -- Herbert Hildenbrand -- Navy
Family Photos
Family Plot
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Yo, I'm what you call the family GODFATHER on this site, I self-proclaimed myself a few years bac.  I figured my family needed a family leader to give them wisdom on family matters  but I quickly found out, they ALL-KNEW-IT-ALL, so that went out the window.  lol .   I joined facebook two years ago in conjunction with starting this site so the whole family could get involved in the Dear Cass I Love You project,  but that quickly went out the window.  lol.  I pretty much offed most of them from my Facebook page.  lol.  I kept asking '' have you read the site yet?'' and most of them replied, I'm to busy or it's sad or i dont have a computer'--  one excuse after another. [There are definitely a few exceptions].  Now here it is, more then two years later, and I'm wondering why why why I'm doing this, still building the site. I guess I'm at the point of no return.  lol. Sometimes I think I need therapy to find out why I'm doing this project.  lol  This site is now  dedicated to my mother [Cass] and Father [Dutch], our passed relatives, friends and the cast of characters  that struggled through WW 2.  The truth is when you read the letters, it's like bringing them back to life at the age of 21 and your grandparents are even younger then you. Now that's scary.   lol.  Knowing all of their futures, knowing how they all turned out, and knowing how they all died, Now that's sad, but like any sad movie or book you can bring them back to life, again and again, by reading the letters over and over, and looking at the pictures of when they were young. To me that's kind of comforting,  seeing them through the years. I believe it will keep their spirits alive for centuries to come, in cyber space, just like Romeo & Juliet.   lol
My name is James Afred Hildenbrand the last one born of Cass & Dutch's five children: Kathleen, born Nov. 1942, Kathleen was named after my Mother.  Carol, born Nov. 1943, Carol was named after my Father.  Carl, born July 1947, Carl also was named after my Father.  ,Eric, born March 1949.  Eric was named after My Uncle [see Eric's room].  And yours truly, THE LONE WOLF, born July 1952.   On my birth certificate, it read "Gregory."   Even today, I can't figure-out that one out, lol, but i guess Pop won, so i was called James after my grandfather, Pop Rush.  That created a special bond between us -- I loved being around that guy.  He made me laugh, while he made everyone else misserable.  lol                 

This is a test. The Godfather will soon be semi-retired. All future postings will be handled, in cooperation with the Goddfather, by " The Henchman"

On this Date August 6, 2011 I'm now giving up the title as the Family GODFATHER, On this date Aug.6 1943 Operation Husky The invasion of Sicily,, Dutch was in basic training preparing for war in Italy  68 years ago.
I'M now going to be referred as the '' LONE WOLF '' All my facts, comments, etc. will be told by the ''LONE WOLF''' on this site -lol- the past is starting to come out
My two sisters were very close Kathleen & Carol [ a year apart] Carl & Eric all hung out together, chased girls and stole cars, just kidding people lol..  Me i was just Mom's baby to the rest of the family i was just a goofy punk kid lol, THUS,,, I BECAME THE LONE WOLF !!!!! !!! SIGN ; THE LONE WOLF AND HIS DOG SPOT


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