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Rudy's Room -- Rudy Hildenbrand -- U.S. Army Air Corps
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Distinguished Unit Citation for Mission to Oschersleben, Germany, 11 January 44. XI--BATTLE HONORS.-1- As authorized by Executive Order No. 9396 (sec. I, Bull. 22, WD 1943); superseding Executive Order No. 9075 (sec.III, Bull. 11,WD, 1942). Citation of the following unit by the Commanding General, Eight Air Force, in General Orders, No-355t 11 May 1944, under provisions of section IX, Circular No- 333, War Department, 1943, in the name of the President of the United States as public evidence of deserved honor and distinction, is confirmed. The citation reads as follows:
The 1st Bombardment Division (H), is cited for extraordinary heroism, determination, and esprit de corps in action against the enemy on 11 January 1944. On this occasion the 1st Bombardment Division led the entire Eighth Air Force penetration into central Germany to attack vital aircraft factories. After assembly was accomplished and the formation was proceeding toward Germany, adverse weather was encountered which prevented effective fighter cover from reaching the 1st Bombardment Division. Taking full advantage of the relative vulnerability of the lead division, the enemy concentrated powerful forces against it. The scale of the enemy attack is graphically indicated by the fact that 400 encounters with enemy aircraft were recorded by; units of the 1st Bombardment Division. The gunners met these attacks with accurate fire, and the division continued toward the targets as briefed where bombs were dropped with excellent results. On the return trip the enemy continued to concentrate his efforts on the 1st Bombardment Division. Figures of enemy aircraft claimed by our gunners indicate that the heroism of this division inflicted heavy losses on the enemy in the air as well as on the ground. Two hundred and ten (210) enemy aircraft, the largest number ever claimed by any division of the Eighth Air Force for any one mission were confirmed as destroyed, 43 probably destroyed and 84 damaged. The division lost 42 heavy bombers and many of those which returned were heavy damaged. Four hundred and thirty (430) officers and enlisted men failed to return, 2 were killed, and 32 others wounded. The extraordinary heroism and tenacious fighting spirit demonstrated by the 1st Bombardment Division in accomplishing its assigned task under exceptionally difficult conditions reflect highest credit on this organization, the Army Air Forces, and the armed forces of the United States.
By order of the Secretary of War:
G. C. Marshall, Chief of Staff





Rudy Hildenbrand's Enlistment Record


National Archives Enlistment Record

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