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Letters to Dutch & Cass From Friends/Family
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                                                                        United States Army
                                                                        Fort Fisher
                                                                        Tarrmore Cottage
                                                                        Box 101
                                                                        Carolina Beach
                                                                        North carolina
Dear Cassie
Received your letter - gosh you just cannot imagine how good I felt when I got your letter - honest.  I read it over and over.  That darn Edith never answered my letter yet -- see if you can persuade her Cassie -- after all I would like to hear from home.  Have you heard from our boyfriend, I mean your husband [ha ha]  How is he?  And the baby?  Well, I hope.  Also Jr?  How is he coming along?  I'll bet you are sticking out all over now.  Fatty.   Joe wants me to have one too.  He said within ten months or else he will know the reason why.  He means business too.  He even has a name for it already.  Guess what?  Richard, after the grnadfather.  Cute, huh?  Oh well maybe, who knows.  Joe got a big kick out of you calling Magic [sp?] Congo Magic.  He still laughs about it.  He doesn't like him either, no one does.
Yes, I am getting anice tan down here.  That's about all to do -- there is nothing much to do.  I am in bed early every night.  (Joe likes to get me in bed early so I am not tto tired).  He may be thirty but - oh my -- now don't go showing this to our Edith and make her blush.  Cassie, you know I jet all the breaks in our family -- I got Joe -- and is he nice =- I mean it.  Cassie really, I couldn't have done better - no way.  he is everything a girl would want in a husband.  I just finished writing our Edith - and told her - she should have matriesomeone like him, but maybe some day, huh?
So Mildred broke her engagement.  I didn't think she ever liked him anyway -- and as for the Shanahan's will - you can almost expect anything from them, they are like the jenkins - my name is Kobran{??} ha ha
Well Cassie, I know this is short, too short, but really there aren't a lot of things to write about down here excepf for Joe & me.  I'll dig up some direct for you in my next letter.  i promise now.  Hurry and write because I'm looking forward to your letter and the sooner the better.  We took some pictures if they turn out I'll send you some.  By the way, Joe (my husband) is Master Sargeant and makes $176.oo per month.  Good? 
                                                                    Peggy Kobran[??]

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